At a lot of dealerships, searching for a used car can be a crap shoot. You never know what you're going to get. You want a vehicle that fits your personality, but most of their options come with a ridiculous number of miles. You don't want a car that is pushing close to its major service milestones or has already lived a full life before you even discover it. These are issues you won't have to face at Yemm Automotive Group in Galesburg.

At Yemm Automotive Group, we have hundreds of available pre-owned options with fewer than 50,000 miles on their odometers. Most of the selection is not more than a couple of years old. Some with just a few hundred miles under their belts.

If you need a heavy-duty pickup like a Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500, find it at Yemm for a great price. Do you have a new driver in the family? A low-mileage Chevy Cruze or Ford Fusion would make a great training sedan for training. If you need a larger SUV for your ever-growing family, discover a GMC Yukon or Buick Enclave.

Low mileage should not be considered a red flag for shoppers. When shopping for a car, truck or SUV with low mileage, you know you will get a vehicle that hasn't been used and abused on the roads. You can assume the previous owner took good care of their vehicle. There are any number of reasons a driver will trade-in a car with so few miles. Maybe it just didn't fit the personality or style of the previous driver. Perhaps they experienced a life change that required a larger or smaller upgrade.

Buying a car, truck or SUV with less than 50,000 miles ensures you will get the most out of your new purchase, with very little worry. The fewer miles on a vehicle, the fewer mechanical issues you'll experience. Once you start hitting 100,000 miles, you'll be paying for more services and addressing more issues that come with wear-and-tear. Buying something with, for example 18,000 miles keeps you further from those moments, while still allowing you to drive a high-quality vehicle.

No matter what you plan to use it for, find a used car, truck or SUV with fewer than 50,000 miles from Yemm Automotive Group. There is something to fit your style, just waiting for you.

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